Saturday, April 30, 2011

Salt and Pepper Collection

I have been collecting salt and pepper shakers for quite a few years now. I don't buy every pair I see; I try to only buy ones that I really like. At some point, I will get rid of some. I find my attachment fades over time with some. 

The chefs came from garage sales, the cacti were a gift, the metal strawberries were from an antique mall and the dogs and cats came from ebay. 
 The blue dogs were from ebay, the girl and boy were a gift, the pumpkin/peppers came from the antique mall and the rest were from garage sales.
 The roosters in the back are my favorites, which are from an antique shop. My mom gave me the other roosters.
 The seals are from the antique mall. The porcelain ball is from my trip to Istanbul. I really just tried to write Constantinople. Hmm, too much world history.
 My mom gave me the cook and chef and the roosters. I don't know which roosters she gave me it seems. Oops! The jugs are from a garage sale, as are the cast iron birds. The little tribal people are from the antique mall, too.
They are a bit of clutter, but I thought I would share since they had just been dusted! I can't let myself collect too many things because then I will gradually become a hoarder! Sewing is a better hobby than just collecting things. Even if I do accumulate a ton of patterns, at least I am using them and making things rather than just collecting dust.

Would anyone like to share their collection? I'm sure everyone has something they collect...


  1. Cute collection and at least it is varied. I don't really have a collection. I do have some cats that my Mother collected when she was a girl and she gave them to me, they are in a box somewhere! I was joking at work with some co-workers and somehow made fun of a "teaspoon collector" and found out that one of the co-workers has one...oops! I don't think I was too disparaging, she's still talking to me.

  2. I collect a china pattern called Rosalydne by James Kent. It is an expensive habit. LOL. I find most of my collect off ebay (mainly UK & US site) as it is much cheaper even with the transport cost.I have only been collecting for about 2.5 years, but i do have a nice collection, 1 Teapot and lots of cups and saucers, a few plate etc. I love the hens and the tomatoes the most, do you use any of them? Kat Ps I love your blog and your so talented!

  3. thats quite a cute collection there. The roosters are quite funny. I love the seals.


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