Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun at the Museum

Stephanie reminded me that I never posted the highlights of the Cabildo trip. It's all Louisiana history and we took some funny pictures. 

Meet Sir No-Neck. 
 We marveled at the tiny military uniforms. They were so tiny!

 To give you an idea of the size... probably a women's size 0-2 now.
 This was from the room about all the terrible ways to die in New Orleans in the 1800s. I am replicating the statue's awesome expression.
 I swear, this exhibit was designed for people to pose like this! It's about 3 feet off the ground, with a spot in the middle for your head... how can we resist?

 My personal favorite, the Baroness de Pontalba, who really looks like a man in a dress. Stephanie said "I would have had the painter leave out the mustache..."
 So historical clothing: woman, child, man.
 This dress was very intricate and awesome.
 It's a suit, with the jacket and the fancy skirt. The skirt has shirring and the draping on the front, as well as a trim of pleats all around the bottom.
 Operating a printing press...
 To end, this is the creepiest monk ever, with a truly evil glare on his wizened old face. He is the giant portrait that greets you as you enter!
We just got back from five days at the beach, so I really haven't made anything interesting recently. I am going to work on my Ceylon dress, and I have the rest of the week off for Spring Break. I will mix that up with the fun of job hunting, whooo hooo! Ick.


  1. I like the portraits, very um "formidible" people back then. Looks like fun...be sure to visit the Newcomb pottery musuem if you haven't yet before you leave NO. They always mention the pottery on ARS.

  2. Stephanie looks like a really cool person

  3. Also, I believe I am larger than that tiny military suit. Please adjust your sizing to a 00 or a YL.


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