Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Nice Knit Skirt

I made a knit skirt to copy one that I bought this fall from Ann Taylor Loft at the outlet malls. Guess which one is the real one and which is the one I made! Guess!

I made the one with the animal print! I used the grey one as a pattern. Originally, it was meant to be Simplicity 1801, which looked like a cute knit dress. However, when I made the bodice of the dress, I was shocked at the fit. Below is with the neckline and sleeve edges finished! I matched all the gathers....
The V goes below my boobs completely...?!?
 I tossed that thing in the trash and used the fabric to copy my skirt that I liked. Since a simple knit skirt like that was something like $40, I knew I could certainly make one that looked similar!

I traced the two pieces, added the two back waist darts and made a facing for the waist. I hemmed it normally and inserted an invisible zipper. I don't actually have an invisible zipper foot, but it turned out relatively invisible. The model skirt has a back zipper, but I made mine on the left side. Then, I only had two pieces and didn't have to try to match any of the stripes.
 I am happy with it and it looks pretty RTW, in my opinion. I haven't worn it yet because it's been brutally cold, but it getting back up to the 20s later this week! School has even been cancelled yesterday and today because it is in the negative teens. Ugh. It has been a real winter this year, and I'm sick of it!

So that's my second project for January! Thanks for looking!

I think I might try to get back into Pattern Review, since Kristy just mentioned something about it, and then I searched for S1801 and every review said "the neckline is way too low. I raised it 1.5 inches/added a panel/etc" I hate how the website looks and works, but the information there can be really helpful! Thoughts?


  1. Love the skirt! Great job. (I couldn't tell which one was purchased!
    I'm with you on the Pattern Review thing. I cancelled my membership in Dec. The site is so old and clunky but the information is so helpful. what do ya do ;-)

    1. It took me like five minutes to figure out how to pull up a complete review. The title and picture weren't links to it...finally I realized clicking more was the only way, but you had to do that for each review??? blergh

  2. Great skirt. I agree with thoughts on Pattern Review... great info but such a dated website. I think some investment in a user friendly and fresh website would get more subscribers.

  3. Pattern Review is the best. I'm not always on top of submitting reviews myself but I ALWAYS look at it.
    The skirt looks great. I have an Ann taylor skirt I want to copy as well, but it is tailored and wool and complicated. :/

  4. Nice skirt! I could not tell which was the bought skirt either. Love the fabric choice too.


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