Sunday, October 6, 2013

Farm Fresh! Apple picking and pumpkins

There is some infomercial about a home soda machine and the people are gasping and going "ohhhh fresh soda!" as if soda can be "fresh." It has become a long running joke for us where anything can sarcastically be called "farm fresh!"

However, all of yesterday's stuff is actually farm fresh. We went to Oriole Springs Orchard just over the border in Wisconsin and they had really great apple picking and pumpkins too!

The last time we went apple picking, the farm was small and had been really picked over (pardon my pun!). This place was a lot bigger and there were still tons of apples. 

 The ones to the right of Andrew were the best, but we couldn't find a sign for them. I think maybe Empire or Jonathan. We also got red and golden delicious and McIntosh. It was fun and a little less than an hour drive once we escaped the traffic near Chicago.
 We also got three pumpkins in preparation for Halloween. We might paint them this year instead of carving them.
 We also got some farm-fresh eggs; they are really cool, some are kind of peach colored and the rest are pale blue!
Not really any sewing here. The dermatologist decided I need more of my shoulder cut up because the margins around the mole they removed "weren't clear" so instead of getting my stitches out last Wednesday, I got chopped up even worse. Having only one good arm does not lead to enthusiastic sewing!

However, it is starting to feel fall-like this week so maybe I will make some autumn attire. While searching for my Alma pattern, I pulled out some previous makes that I might want to reuse. At least I know they fit, right?


  1. sorry about your arm. But happy to hear you were in WI :D
    We went picking just last weekend and got a ton of my favorites... Honeycrisp. OMG yum.
    I can eat those forever.

  2. Oh, embrace a little non-sewing time and refresh yourself! I hope I get to go pumpkin picking, its one of my favorite things to do.

  3. I love fresh picked apples, it sounds like so much fun! Take care of your arm :(


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