Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Molly's Ews Blouse: McCalls 6512

Andrew always likes to call my blog "Molly's Ews", since I made the web address "mollysews." All in good fun, of course, as he willing takes my pictures and listens to my sewing updates... I got that mole removed, so I had stitches and it hurt quite a bit, so I couldn't sew. Then, I got an eye infection. So I didn't sew very much for the last two weeks, and from the sewing I did accomplish I made this hideous piece of merde. Pardon my French. 

I thought this pattern would make a super cute blouse. I have two Forever 21 dresses with the droopy bow and they are super cute and get tons of compliments. One is solid burgundy and one is green polka dots. The 3/4 length sleeve version pf this pattern seemed best, as it is slowly starting to feel like fall here in Chicago. Plus, I didn't like the look of all those stupid pockets and tabs. 

Unfortunately, it looks so very awful that I didn't even bother finishing it. Somehow, I missed the fact that the sleeves are not set-in and are more like kimono sleeves. This creates a droopy, bat-wing armpit look. The sleeves themselves are blousy, as is the tie; when you add in the droopy pits it looks so sloppy. 
The flower print is very cute, but  I don't think it really goes with this style of blouse. It is "too much" in combination. It's supposed to have buttons down the front. I cut that piece on the fold to see if I could skip them, but I didn't even hem the bottom because I'm over it.
Look at the back, so shapeless and unflattering.
See the webbed armpits?
Granted, these pictures are terrible and I made no attempt to look cute. The blouse is poop. I really like the fabric though, and I want to salvage it into something I CAN wear. I wear my red Alma blouse a LOT and I think I might be able to cut it out of this monstrosity. Then, I would have a cute, flattering, fitted blouse and be able to save this fabric that I really like!

Does that seem possible? Any other ideas on how to save the fabric?



  1. Bummer! I know what you mean about kimono sleeves. I've learned to avoid them through some sewing failures. But that fabric is really cute! Maybe if you make it short sleeved? That way the low armpits won't pull at the rest of the shirt when you move your arms around - at least that's my theory for fixing a blouse I made.

  2. I like the blouse very much, you only need to add a thin belt to give it more of a fit. The fabric is really pretty.

  3. Oh dear! I think kimono sleeves AND floppy bow may be too much chillax for just one outfit? The fabric is stunning and an Alma could so be rescued from it. Glad that your eye is starting to feel better!

  4. It's way too long, but I think it's otherwise fine! You could always put some darts or tucks in the back.


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