Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedding Planning and Halloween in NOLA

We went to New Orleans last week to do some in-person wedding planning stuff. We checked out our venue and the guy explained how everything will be set up. This is where we will be getting married!
 The reception is in the same place, which I prefer. Everyone is already travelling to attend our wedding, this just makes it easier for everyone!

We also chose and ordered the cake, which will look like this:
Fleur Delish :  wedding new orleans Fleur De Lis Cake W Roses.jpg
Minus the roses, my flowers are different, but the cake topper will be flowers. Also, not fondant so the edges will be crisper and it will actually taste good! The inside is white cake and then layers of filling in almond cream and sliced strawberries and cream.

We also figured out the flowers as well. I really want peonies, but she said we have to wait and see. Sometimes they can get them from Israel in March, but not always. It's going to be lilac, white hydrangea, white peonies (or roses if not) and stephanotis. It should be really pretty! Sort of like these:
So we made a lot of progress. We still have to choose a photographer (which is horrifyingly difficult) and a dj and the order and send out invites. Bam, done!

We were also there for Halloween, so I went as the Miller High Life girl in the moon, which is the best costume I have ever made. A random person emailed me once to see if they could rent it, but I love it too much. Andrew went as Mitt Romney and had his binder full of women and made some pink slips to fire people. It was very amusing.
Pink slips

High life girl in the moon and Mitt Romney
We had a lot of fun and got to see our good friends, so it was a fun and productive trip!


  1. Love the wedding progress! Your costumes were good, Andrew looks too nice to be be a Mitt Romney tho! That's a real compliment on your Miller Girl costume that someone wanted to rent it!

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  3. Hahaha! That Mitt costume is PERFECT!! : ) Have fun planning your wedding. We are 11 months away from ours and and about to get deep in the thick of things it seems. We are also having our ceremony and reception at the same venue and I am just so excited about this. : ) Congratulations.


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