Thursday, November 22, 2012

November Giveaway Winners!

Andrew and I went to my friend's wedding and it was super fun. 
 No, that is not the dress I was making...more on that later this week.

Luke and Andrew are beginning to brew beer. I bought them a kit as a joint b-day present (3 days apart).
 Luke and I had a Molly & Luke Thanksgiving II. It was delicious.
 We did not dress up. I am experiencing zit face remorse for passing out after the wedding without washing my face. So stupid. I now have six giant zits.
 And the winners:
Heather won the fabric!

Jeannine won the patterns!

Ladies email me your addresses at mollysewsblog[at]gmail (dot) com


  1. Oh my gosh, really? Thanks! I'll send you my addy via email right away. :)

    Happy (American) Thanksgiving! Sorry to hear about your zits though. :\

  2. It all looks like so much fun! The t-giving dinner is amazing and men in aprons...too funny!

  3. I received the patterns today. Thanks so much!!


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