Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Versatile Bloggers!

I received this award from Crissy, whose blog I have loved for quite awhile. She is always hilarious and exciting!

Seven things about me:
1. I am back in the springtime teaching job hunt... wish me luck.

2. We are currently watching Breaking Bad obsessively and it is awesome. No spoilers, we are still in season 3! Any suggestions for another series to watch when this one is done?

3. I am trying to get T-Rex to perfect his "pretty sit" where he sits on his hind legs. It is so cute. His fat body is lacking some abs/balancing.
Business dog.
4. Andrew introduced me to Reddit and I think I have wasted (enjoyed?) an entire month of my life of that website. I love the askreddits the most, like today there was a "What's the worst gift you ever received?"

5.I love having raditor heat. I can put my towel on the radiator and then after I shower it's roasty toasty warm!

6. Tragically, I did not win last week's Megamillions lottery. Sniff. But I needed 500 million dollars! :)

7. I bought this game, Cards against Humanity,  from amazon (after seeing it on Reddit). It's just like Apples to Apples but all the words are better or dirty or hilarious. Soooooo fun! 
The person who plays the black card is the judge for the round. Everyone plays their best card in their hand and the judge gets to choose the winning white card. I just drew these at random to show you the hilarity. We played it once so far and it was so fun. So much hysterical laughing. 

I know you are supposed to nominate people, and I have no idea who has/has not received this award, so here are a few of my favorite blogs:

Meg is hilarious and excellent
Susan taught me how to use the Ruffler through her tutorials
Lladybird is always looking adorable and making 50 things a week
Camelia Crinoline makes cute vintage items and claims short like me, but I can't believe it...
Vivian Von Dimples creates burlesque costumes
Lisette sews and speaks French and is awesome!

Have a great day!


  1. T-Rex is so adorable. Good luck for the job hunt. I've never heard of Apples to Apples but that Cards Against Humanity game looks hilarious. I totally am short, just under 5'2. I don't think I've ever met a pair of trousers that wasn't too long. It's tragic.

  2. Hey, Cards against Humanity is a great game. My husband helped Kickstart it b/c he heard of it on Reddit. We play with like minded politically incorrect people though. There is a sewing forum on Reddit but it is not too active.

    Good luck with your job hunt,
    A Faithful reader.

    1. Yeah I completely agree! We have had so many laughs playing it so far, I am really glad I bought it!

  3. T-Rex!!! I love him...oh and I always enjoy your blog, too!

  4. Thank you my dear for nominating me!!! And thank you also for the photos of T-Rex - because he is awesome.


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