Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! I am really excited to be engaged, now that it seems "real."

Recently, I bought all of the Sewaholic patterns that I did not yet own. I love all of Tasia's patterns and it is nice to support an independent designer. Plus, all of her patterns fit really well as long as I cut a 2. The Lonsdale will be my choice for the maxi dress that I was planning. I think it will be awesome. That is my crazy estate sale fabric in the background. 

As I cut out the pattern while watching Breaking Bad, I had Andrew crumple up all the extra tissue. He says, "Are you sure? What if you make a mistake?" I say "It's just cutting on the lines. It's not like this is hard!" 

Cut to about two minutes later when I realize not only did I cut off the front skirt piece at the short line, but I also had already had him crumple it to bits. I am a genius, people!

We also babysat the neighbor's dog this weekend. T-Rex just loves Daisy and she calms down his craziness. Minus when we would leave the house and she would howl, pause, he would bark, pause then repeat.
Hopefully off to sew a bit! 


  1. Haha - love the crazy estate sale fabric!

  2. I only have three of Sewaholic's patterns, but I love them too. I plan to make a Lonsdale this summer. Tasia keeps hinting on her website that she is almost ready to put out another pattern. I can't wait.

    The estate sale fabric is great.


  3. Cute patterns -- I can't wait to see the maxi dress!

  4. Oh I love that fabric, and t-rex of course.


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