Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Wedding Ceylon

We drove to Athens, Georgia for a friend's wedding this weekend. We were calling it the "End of the World Wedding Weekend Getaway" but it seems the world did not end and no one was raptured up into the sky. Shocking, right? Hee hee. 

I finished my evil Ceylon just in time. I hemmed it by hand and sewed on twelve buttons in the hotel room the morning of the wedding. 

Here is a cropped full-length version of the dress. It is a pink and off white striped print that is fairly sheer, so I underlined it with off-white lining fabric. Basting all the pieces together made me cranky and made this a long, drawn out, less than satisfying project. 
 Here is a close-up. The buttons are just plastic, off white shiny ones. I am slightly making a crazy face.
 Here is a complete shot. Andrew hates being posted on the interwebs, yet when I told him I was cropping him out he got all whiny. 
The dropped waist is still questionable. It just is not flattering. I don't know what body type it is designed for, but it certainly is not mine. 

The actual pattern was easy to make. I did not do the top-stitching because it did not look nice with this fabric. I did the steps out of order, but that doesn't really matter. I spent too much time basting pieces together. Boring!

In conclusion, I am not sure if I will keep this one. I think I will wear it to work tomorrow and see if it grows on me. If not, I'll just take a bunch in on the sides and give it to Stephanie!


  1. You look very pretty in it and I dont think the dropped waist is as unattractive as you seem to! Would you have liked a belt with it? Very nice!

  2. I was also thinking that a belt might help. Collette patterns seem hard to fit.

    You look lovely, however! Sounds like a fun weekend :)

  3. I like the dress! I like it much better on you than when you showed it on the dummy (mannequin?).

  4. I also think a belt might do the trick. I like the dress too, but at the end of the day you are the one wearing it, and if you don't feel right in it, don't wear it. But I like

  5. I really like it, it's really pretty :)
    Ashley x

  6. Definitely way better on you than on the dress form! But I can see what you mean about it being meant for a different body shape. Still, very nice choice for a spring wedding!

  7. I think you did a great job! Isn't it frustrating though when making something becomes a chore and no fun...? Well done for sticking with it, I think it was worth it!

  8. Love the color and buttons! I think it looks very nice on you, but I completely understand how you feel - I've made dresses that I feel are less than flattering and I just cannot bring myself to wear them much!


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!