Friday, August 29, 2014

Estate Sale Loot featuring Vintage Clothes!

These are from last Saturday's estate sale-ing. I have been on summer break/laid off, so I do very little during the week. So on Saturday, I wanted to go to estate sales. Andrew, on the other hand, worked all week and wanted to chill. So with the help of my handy, talking Google maps app lady, I set off alone to three sales in N/NW Chicago. And I wasn't even murdered. Wow.

This is everything from all three and I think I spent 5/3/7 for a total of 15 dollars. I love estate sales because it combines many things I enjoy: snooping through people's stuff and homes, judging people, buying old crap I don't really need, and being very cheap. Yay!

I have been trying to drink more liquids, so I wanted some small glasses that actually show me what 8 oz is. And a tiny llama mom and baby wooden figurine, cause why not?
 I also bought a set of rainbow striped sheets, or as we call them, "dead people sheets." Also a nice drink shaker with a little screw off spout, for really violent shanking shaking.
 Now to follow are some very taken-with-a-potato quality pictures of me modeling my new 70s clothes. There was a trunk in the basement of one of the houses of a woman who was clearly my size in the 70s. The clothes all fit, even the pants are the right length. So nice. Andrew and my brother were drying some of their hops and said it was disgusting that I didn't wash them first. So prissy. I showered afterwards because they did have that old house stank, which transferred to my skin, but I couldn't wait to model them.

I plan on wearing this sexy muumuu all winter long!
 A scarf blouse that is also a bodysuit? Shazam!
 Like a diaper. So sexy. I actually really like the blouse, so I think I will just give it a new hem and take off the diaper part, which was very obvious under pants. Aren't you glad I shared this dumpy picture of my butt with you? Heh.
 The full ensemble with green polyester pants. They are a bit snug right now, as I have gained 9 lbs (ek) but I will save them and wear them in the future. No wrinkles! Don't need to hem them!
 Same pants, but in white. Oh la la! Je suis tres a la mode!
 I call this picture Ebony and Ivory. T-Rex really loves being picked up in the air, lol.
 My final polyester blouse. Andrew and Luke's groans and cringes could not phase me, look at my smile! It is really a conversation starter! I said I will wear i when we go bowling next time. It seems like a great bowling shirt!
 Wow, those cuffs!
Now that you are uncontrollably jealous of my awesome new clothes, have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. LOL awesome pics :) Looks like you had a great time and I'm totally jealous of that llama!!

  2. I couldn't stop laughing! Love the muumuu!

    1. Andrew looked quite sad when I said I planned on wearing it every day this winter, lol!

  3. I'm very happy that you didn't get murdered and we got to see you diaper butt :) Those llamas are very cool.

  4. Great post, very funny! Those pants are an amazing fit on you, but the bottom of that body suit is very scary


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