Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vintage Hand-Painted Circle Skirt

I wore this today to go buy some quilting cotton (more on that tomorrow) and I realized I have never blogged about it. I bought it at a vintage shop in Austin, TX in 2006 on a road trip my senior year of college. 
 It is a painted Mexican (style) circle skirt with a vaquero on the front and a church and some cacti on the back. It ties on both sides at the waist; I think maybe the ties are meant to wrap around the waist, but the skirt is big on me, so I just tie them tight until it won't fall off.
 It is a heavy, soft cotton and the narrow hem on the skirt is impeccable. My hems never look that good! Looking at the pictures, I really think that church dome looks kinda like something else.... cannot unsee...
Looking at vintage circle skirts on ebay, I think I got a good deal. Some of those prices are crazy!! I was a broke college student at the time, so I know I paid less than $50 for it. This is one of those finds that I will keep forever!

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  1. Amazing skirt! Someone was quite talented!

  2. Love the skirt but such terrible church steeple placement! Good thing it's only obvious when you hold the sides out like that. Apparently you're not alone with your dirty thoughts cause I immediately saw it too.


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