Monday, March 31, 2014

Scallop Hem Pencil Skirt

This was my final project for January, which I am just getting around to posting. I still haven't worn it because I don't like it very much. I saw another teacher wearing a cute wool skirt with a sort of scalloped hem and I decided I would try to make a similar skirt. I had extra wool from my coat and lining and a zipper, so I whipped it together in a day or two. Then I put it on and was disappointed.
 I did not even attempt to look nice for these pictures. The blouse and heels do make it look better than in person.
Andrew's photographic genius.
 The zipper pulls apart a little bit.
 The scallops are too bulky and somewhat uneven.
 It is fully lined....
Bleh, I may as well put it in the giveaway bag now because I know I will never wear it.

And...I sewed nothing in March! Hopefully April will be more productive. It seems like (knock on wood) our endless winter might be coming to an end, and that would make me want to sew some cute Spring dresses and such!


  1. Your skirt looks pretty, But, I understand , sometimes in person, it just doesn't work.. I so agree with you..Ready for some summer sewing..

  2. I made some scalloped hem shorts recently that didn't turn out as well as my inspiration either - I think it might be that the scallops are too big and exaggerated, perhaps a more subtle wavy hem instead of definite half circles would work better? I ditched my shorts and haven't tried again so I don't have any answers I'm afraid!

    1. Yeah, I think they ended up way deeper than I anticipated and it gave it a really weird look.


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