Sunday, December 29, 2013

More Wedgwood

These are pieces I received as gifts from my mom and my aunt Sherry in past Christmases. Typically, I overfill my suitcase with clothes I don't wear and them can't bring everything home. This time, we flew Southwest so I had two free checked bags to fill with junk!
The pattern is Florentine in turquoise. I decided to try to collect it years ago in college, maybe 9-10 years ago and luckily I still like it. It is certainly unique for fine china with the griffins.
This is my full collection now and I think I might start watching eBay to add to it now that I have a real job again!
2 dinner plates
4 salad plates
5 bread plates
8 berry dishes
4 teacups and saucers
4 soup cups and saucers
2 espresso cups and saucers
Sugar bowl and creamer

Not exactly a complete set yet and most of this was that one lucky estate sale in New Orleans.

I have the next week off so I am going to sew and post! Yay! Happy New Year!


  1. Oooh, that is a beautiful plate pattern! I love the blue. Happy hunting on ebay!

  2. I love your china and it looks so pretty on display, not quite a complete set but you are on your way!


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