Sunday, November 24, 2013

McCalls 6408: Red Sweater with Ties

I bought this pattern quite a while ago, maybe even a year ago, at one of Jo-Ann's 99 cent pattern sales. It is McCall's 6408 and it makes a sweater with or without ties at the waist and an angled hem. I went for view B, the girl in red: waist ties with a flat hem. Perhaps I am overly influenced by the cover photos, but I wanted a red sweater.
I bought some lightweight knit at Jo-Ann in a nice blue-red. Orangey reds look terrible with my skin, but sometimes it is hard to find a blue-red. Since it is fall/winter, there were a lot of knits from which to choose. 

This pattern is easy to make, since it only has five pieces: back, front, sleeve, band and ties. After making it and trying it on, the original length and the ties really made it look like a bathrobe. Plus, even though I cut an XS, it was really baggy. 

I have a similar sweater from Express, so I used that to cut it to a more suitable length. Now it hits just above my hip, and it looks much better.
Tied in the back
 I ended up cutting a bit off of the sleeves and narrowing the sleeves about an inch. It made the sweater look fitted instead of potato-sack-esque.
Unfortunately, my photographer-slave did not tell me it was all bunched up. 
 I did not hem the bottom or the sleeves, since it is a very light knit and I think it will just curl up a tiny bit. That is how my Express sweater-twin was "finished" so why not? My machine does not sew knit hems very professionally, so less is more this time.
Tied in the front.
 I also finally cut my hair right before parent teacher conferences. I saw this girl's haircut on Reddit and decided I liked it a lot. My hair is not as dramatically long, but it's in layers and goes into a point in the center back.

See, I did make something! Andrew and I have been working on the Singer 66, too, and I will post some project updates soon!


  1. You did a great job and the color is really nice on you. That looks so comfortable you could make several for work or casual!

  2. I agree that the shorter length is more flattering and professional. You're wearing the sweater, not being consumed by it!


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