Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Button Dilemma

I was digging through my drawers of fabric and was forced to remember exactly how many pieces of unused fabric I have. Whoops! I had over a yard of this 70s fabric still, even after making my maxi Lonsdale dress. I dug through my bowl of patterns for the season and made up a button front blouse with long sleeves. So I need about 5-6 buttons down the front and the one each for the cuffs. 

I dug through my buttons and these are the finalists (all from an estate sale a few months ago).
 Which ones do you think I should use:
The orange ones (left) are ceramic with metallic backs that almost look like tiny tambourines or beer bottle caps. They are maybe too heavy for my lightweight fabric, though. The ones in the center are orange plastic that have a spiky-plaid design. The ones are the right are yellow, flat plastic. The look like they were one lighter and have darkened with age.

Which buttons should I use?
Orange ceramic
Orange plastic
Yellow plastic
Other, in comments

Let me know what you think!

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