Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Chairs!!!

I picked these up at an estate sale last weekend. They are AMAZING! I love them.

They have claw feet, which is cool.
This is the orange one; the styles match, but they're different colors. I love the scalloped top.
This is the green one, which is my boyfriend's favorite.
Here's both of them together. One chair was relocated, and the old orange chair (the dog's chair) was sent to the curb. Now T-Rex is not allowed on the chairs, since he is a Destructor.

Probably the most money I ever paid for something at a garage sale, but I knew I would be sad if I missed that chance. And I tell myself, if i went and bought two crappy chairs at a furniture store, they still would have cost more than these... :)

The woman said they were her mother's, part of a Duncan Phyfe living room set she got before her daughter was born. So maybe 1950s? The daughter looked 50-ish. At some point her mom had them reupholstered, so they upholstery is pristine. I love the colors, even. In love...with chairs...

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  1. They are amazing! What a grat find, lucky you!


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