Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mending and Organizing

Yay! I finally got my sewing stuff organized after moving!

My pile of unfinished projects is enormous, so today I only worked on quick fixes.

I thought this was cute- he snuggled his blanket into a big starburst.
This was just stitching the bodice back onto the skirt- it came undone at the drycleaners, since it is forever 21 "quality"

I faked a loop where the plastic broke off.

This dress is really cute- I bought it at an estate sale and its old cotton, so when i was wearing it i tore one of the straps in the back, so i fixed that, too.

I also busted off a button, so I sewed on a new one. Granted, it doesn't match, and neither does the thread, but it's DONE!

Yay! Once I reduce the pile a little, I can move on to new and exciting projects- like dresses and my cape!

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  1. Job well done. It's a good feeling to get those little mending jobs done. It relieves stress and clears the head so that creativity can freely flow.


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