Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simplicity 3673- the Green Dress

This was another project that I started a while ago that ended up in the pile of shame. I just got lazy, since all it needed was the back zipper and a hand-sewn hem.

Done and done!

It is Simplicity 3673, which is a a modern reprint of some 1950s-style dresses. I made view C, the one in the middle.

My suggestion:
If you are going to make this dress, please take ease of fit into account. I made it in a 6, which claims a 30.5 inch bust. That is not my actual measurement, but I find modern patterns fit like a potato sack. However, the finished size six will have almost four inches of "ease." Ridiculous. Why would you make a dress with 12 darts, to have it look like a sack in the end? I took two inches off of each side of the back before I put in the zip, which is why it looks lumpy in the picture. If possible, and you're not already at the bottom of the size chart, I would cut it 3-4 sizes smaller than it says for your measurements, assuming you want a fitted dress.

Oops, I blinked!

See, kinda lumpy. Whatever, it's a dress for work, so I'll be wearing a cardigan over it anyways.

Other than that small issue- easy to make, looks cute, nice dress for work.


  1. Good save.


  2. So cute! Great color and great fit!

    I ALWAYS have that problem with modern patterns. Drives me crazy! I can't imagine why they add so much wearing ease.

  3. Very cute! I just bought this pattern so thanks for the ease tips!

  4. What type of fabric did you use to make this?


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